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leo-j said:
There are 88 wii games rated over 75..

152 PLAYSTATION 3 games rated over 75

and 243 XBOX 360 games rated over 75

how did you manage to get the Wii to obtain a higher average??

It also has the lowest amount of AAA rated games of the 3 "by far".

I'm sorry, I thought I made it clearer. I took the current "What's New for ___" list for each console which is the list of the most recent reviews; in this case it represents all games reviewed between the first of March and today. The results are for this period alone.

I did not imply or mean to imply that there is anything  like equality since launch. I started by saying that things used to be so dismal I couldn't even stand to look at the ratings.

The intent was merely to show improvement, not to dismiss the long and painful history of crap games.