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I wonder if this means it'll have a ton of launch games? I bet Halo: Reach will be Natal compatible. If it gets bundled with natal, its hard to see Natal not becoming big.

MS has really taken in the initiative in public relations with this one. they're hitting the airwaves and talk shows constantly. i'm pretty sure it'll be the "next big thing" if they keep up the media blitz...

...if it releases soon.  if it releases holiday 2010 all the buzz will be long forgotten.  i really wish they'd give some idea of a release date on this.

Not really. Hype will certainly die down from now to the time it launches, but within months of its release it'll be back in TV shows, media, whatnot. People seem to forget that games often announced up to 5 years before release still have fantastic sales and even more hype then ever because of it. i.e. Gran Turismo 5 and FFXIII will probably have fantastic sales, and they were announced long ago.

but they didn't say any date, so i think it will last 2 year even longer at least. then perhaps sony has his motion thing and even more peole have the wii.... nobody will buy it if its release takes too long..