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priteshmodi said:
I'm aware of his/her flip-flopping in other threads. I do not expect any reason to a reply or even a reply for that matter... Apparently logic and reasoning does not belong on the "interwebz". I just don't feel I should stoop down to that level in my response or even bother to call someone out on anything because I don't have the time to waste.

I do however enjoy reading his threads (like the one about getting games "for free" and having a "special xbox 360" and arguing that they aren't pirating games. One can only come to so many conclusions based on what was said...) and throw in some reason just to one day hope to get a response and a laugh, knowing that I was the one that caused such moronic thought to take place in another's mind.


Time wasting was tongue in cheek but oh hay text only =/

Shrug man, I'm just tired of axe-grinding and agenda pushing, specially when it's done the way he does. I mean, chest-thumping for the team (or waggling pom-pom's) is one thing but threads like these... anyways it's just been about 5 millennia until we stopped trying to convince the other guy our god is better than their god so...

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