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priteshmodi said:
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infamous8 said:
More gameplay was shown of Splinter Cell.

Considering how long Alan Wake has been in development...i expected a lot more.

Also disappointed there weren't any RARE games shown after weeks of 360 owners saying "wait for E3. Rare will show something for sure"

Don't know where it comes from but there was talk this morning of confirmation from Rare that they still have games to show this E3. MS might be holding it back to try and steal some of Sony's press conference thunder.

I doubt Conker will steal any attention when God of War III, Gran Turismo 5, and Uncharted 2 are being shown.


jus sayn

I don't get this. You state your disappointment at Rare's lack of presence at MS E3 conference but when someone tells you that they may still be there to announce something in the near future you just shut Rare down like they don't matter.... So which is it? Are you disappointed with their lack of presence to knock MS's conference or do you not care about them at all?

Also, Alan Wake to me was more about the story and atmosphere above graphics from the beginning. I like the concept of the story even though it kind of resembles "Secret Window". And I trust Remedy to blend story and gameplay quite well as they have in the past with Max Payne 1 and 2. But you're disappinted with what was shown at this point and nothing I can say will change that. Just keep an eye on it friend and hopefully you start liking what you're seeing. In the end if you do start enjoying what they're showing it's just going to be another great gaming experience for you. If not, well there's a ton of other stuff coming for everyone so just keep gaming! :)


You are wasting your time trying to make sense out of it.

He's an axe-grinding fanboy, he just spins whatever he can to put a negative outlook on microsoft and runs with it. 


Rare games displayed on the showfloor? OMG RARE GAMES SUCK THEYRE NO LONGER WORTH IT!

There's no logic nor criteria behind, just the intention to degrade and spin on anything Microsoft related. Heck, considering thanks to Microsoft oversight the guy gets to play games for free because he's pirating the hell out of everything he at least should have the decency of being quiet. But no, he's got to have the cake and eat it too.

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