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To be honest, I'm seeing a lot of crazy predictions about what announcements Nintendo will make this Tuesday. And along those unreasonably high expectations, will then come some major meltdowns and a lot of complaints. Many of those who expect such great things this E3 will most probably end up more pissed and enraged than at E3 2008.

So let's start with the known stuff

For the Wii they have:

-Wii Sports Resort and M+
-Metroid Prime Trilogy (GC ports and rerelease of MP3)
-Sin & Punishment 2
-NPC Pikmin 2 (GC port)
-M&S at the Winter Olympics
-Rock N' Roll Climbing (WiiWare)

For the DS:

-Mario & Luigi 3
-WarioWare: Made in Ore
-Pokemon Misterious Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky
-Pokemon Silver Remake
-Pokemon Gold Remake
-Friend Collection
-Professor Layton 2
-Personal Trainer Walking
-The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
-Dragon Quest Wars (developed by Intelligent Systems) (DSiWare)
-Legendary Starfy
-M&S at the Winter Olympics

All of those are practically guaranteed to be present at the show, now for the doubtful stuff, we have for the DS Wagamama Fashion and for the Wii the games that appeared at the October conference, out of which the only ones I think will make an appearance are S&P2 and Endless Ocean 2. I don't think any of the other games will make it to the US, considering the recent track record by Nintendo, it's very doubtful and highly improbable that those games will reach our shores. NPC Chibi Robo (GC port) may also make it here, but that's about it.

So what else will they showcase? Ok older games like Punch-Out, Excitebots, Rythm Heaven Gold, Pokemon Platinum, etc.

There will be a big chunk of their conference devoted to talking about the state of the industry, on the state of Nintendo and a lot of graph and numbers. About 1/3rd of the conference.

I fully expect them to devote more time to the DSi than to the Wii, considering that the current upcoming line up for each system is clearly bigger on the DSi, plus the DSi has just been launched so they will probably be announcing new services, like DSi VC or some downloadable applications. The DSi will take I'd say 1/3rd of the total conference time.

As for the Wii, they will be focusing on the WM+ and revolving the show around Wii Sports Resort, showcasing each sport and the functionality the WM+ adds to them. I say the Wii will have 2/3rds of the remaining 1/3rd of the conference devoted to, with half of that time given to WSR and M+.

Then we have the third party segment, where they will probably be showcasing the WM+ games only. That will take up the remaining 1/3rd of the last 1/3rd.

Finally, the new announcements:

I expect them to announce 2 new DSi specific games and 1 new DS game, along with some DSiWare games and some downloadable apps.

For the Wii, I'd say that Wii Fit Plus will take the center stage. After WSR and M+ get showcased, they will move onto Wii Fit+. After that we may see the new Art Academy showcased and the conference could come to an end. I highly doubt we will see any first party big core project for the Wii, because I think DSi it's their main focus, but we might see Mario Party 9 and maybe, just maybe, a small 15 second trailer of Pikmin 3. Also add a couple of WiiWare games.

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