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ioi said:

I don't think it's too bad actually, but:

1. Looks pretty generic (if 2.0 looks generic, I dunno how you can say that this doesn't!)
2. The top 728x90 ad needs to be below the menu
3. The top right 300x250 ad needs to be interchangeable with a 300x600 ad and needs to be directly below the 728x90
4. No recent headlines box
5. No regional breakdowns for the sales graphs
6. Looks a bit to clean and bright to me
7. I prefer the light text on dark backgrounds
8. Looks tiny on my 1680x1050 resolution

Listen, in all seriousness - all comments about 2.0 have been taken on board and there will be certain changes made... I'm not a particular fan of what you posted though unfortunately!