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Valkyria00 said:
Xen said:
Val, you just can't be satisfied :P


Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier has eveything I hate in RPGs....but I fucking love it

1. Random Battles (Why I can stand them? A random battle every 1-2 minutes not every 5-10 steps like other shit RPG plus you can actually escape not forced to stay)

2.Turn Based (Combo battles system. Feels action-y especially since you have to press buttons during battle juggle and switch character)

The reason Im still playing is its just sooo fucking Japanese. The crazy characters and non-sense story. I LOVE IT.

Besides Tales of is the best RPG series Ive played so far. I love it cant wait to play Graces and Vesperia. I gotta pick up Abyss.I know I got off topic sorta =P. Im more of a Tri-Crescendo guy myself. I jus tlike their stuff better. Havent liked what Tri-Ace has done so far but Covenant of the Plume looks good so gonna try that one out.


Not true indeed :P

Bolded is tri-Ace's val. profile... it's barely turn based, and I'm sure RoF won't be very turn based either.

I also need Abyss though...