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superchunk said:
I really think mine should be 'other' based no your reasoning as I don't think I clearly fit into ID. Evolution is definitely happening, however, it was driven by laws created by God. Not that God is continuously controlling it now. More like God determined the laws of nature/physics and set it in motion.

I kinda feel like we are all one massive experiment and God is simply watching.

 Evolution does not argue against the existence of any god. In fact, there is no scientific evidence for or against the existence of any god or other super-natural being and thus there can be no theory about whether or not any such being or beings exist. Science is an attempt to understand how the universe works. Why it works that way could not be less relevant to the process. Theories set out to explain a set of observations, and never once have I heard of one good one that tries to explain why it would be that way. Why does matter attract other matter? I dunno, but I know the theory of gravity explains how it works. Your stance in regards to this thread would be evolution based on everything you posted.

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