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The Ghost of RubangB said:
Kasz216 said:
superchunk said:
USA - Muslim - Evolution is obvious. God created laws which everything follows. Evolution is one of those many, yet, fundamental processes of life.

I agree with everything but the Muslim part...

why this gets listed as "Other" i don't know... since nothing in evolution rules out god. 

In fact Darwin believed in god.

Not any god in particular though.  He was basically an agnostic who leaned towards god existing.

A deist more or less.

I mean your belief is just... evolution.

I mean saying you believe in the laws of gravity and that those laws were created by god doesn't mean you don't believe in gravity.

You don't agre that superchunk is a Muslim???

Nope.  I think he's a closet Christian.

That's why i'm not voting for him.