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Don't know if this has any credibility but i found this at the remedy forums.




-Is pixel-blurred and gob smacked. APB could well be a GTA killer. MS is about to stun E3 with their lineup... Aah wel. back to gang design!!


-MS E3 big drops. Xbox Fluid - New Motion camera! Splinter Cell Conviction Halo ODST Alan Wake APB Metal Gear Solid 4 + Oxide (Show Finale)


-Yes. Metal gear solid + Oxide is one title. :)


-For the questions about MGS+O being show finale: Konami will announce a 360 exclusive (NOBODY outside of Kon has been told what this is)...


-.. After that they announce MGS4+O as a 360 exclusive. MS have also cut LostPlan2, AssCreed2, Bioshock 2, GTA.BAAFLC, to 3 min slots.


-E3: The Molyneux / Lionhead project "Richter" will show at E3. In fact, it will open it After Progress/xbla titles are shown

 How our favorite systems are just like humans and sometimes have issues finding their special someone...

Xbox 360 wants to KinectPS3 wants to Move!  Why are both systems having such relationship problems?  The reason is they both become so infactuated with desire while watching the Wii as it waggles on by. They simply want what they can't have.

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