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Naraku_Diabolos said:

Me on Final Fantasy XI

LOL...Do you get guys hitting on you in the game you sexy bastard?

hey, hands off! i was hitting on him first! >.>

I'm NOT gay...that's Lv1 Bronze Gear...I was heading to Bastok on an Airship to go training my one job. I think it was Samurai?? Plus my ex-girlfriend plays the game and uses my one character to play around with:

I didn't realize this was a gay thread. Not being sexist or anything...but please don't talk to me like that. It freaks me out...even though I only have one gay friend but we're not like that. I'm entirely devoted to women.

Hey..CHILL OUT man...It's all in fun. Nobody said you was gay. No need to get offended either. I wasn't talking to you like that...more your to your character that looked like he was on his way to the Blue Oyster Bar from Police Academy.


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