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Naraku_Diabolos said:
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Naraku_Diabolos said:

Me on Final Fantasy XI

LOL...Do you get guys hitting on you in the game you sexy bastard?

hey, hands off! i was hitting on him first! >.>

I'm NOT gay...that's Lv1 Bronze Gear...I was heading to Bastok on an Airship to go training my one job. I think it was Samurai?? Plus my ex-girlfriend plays the game and uses my one character to play around with:

I didn't realize this was a gay thread. Not being sexist or anything...but please don't talk to me like that. It freaks me out...even though I only have one gay friend but we're not like that. I'm entirely devoted to women.

Well then leave. Seriously. I don't want to be mean. But if you can't take it then don't come in here. Gosh, can't people just have fun. And do not use your gay friend like that. I hate it when people say well i have a gay friend.