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MikeB said:
Ausfalcon said:
nightsurge said:

LOL!  Oh I'm sure he has a few alts on here, just isn't using them all the time yet.


Unfortunately I would have to believe from that he learned to use a proxy when doing such these days.  So it would likely be hard for the mods to track down his likely additional accounts.

I'm not, I have just this account.


But I surely banned a lot of you folk with multiple accounts on AmigaWorld (as you don't share who you are, maybe you too). We tracked IP adresses due to mass trolling, as often mistakes were made (with cloaking IP adresses) a lot of stealth trolls were monitored and quickly removed when needed.

"XraalE" also known as "KennyR" is a loud mouth hot tempered individual (and MorphOS supporter). Someone described him as following: "KennyR - a well known MorphOS guerilla marketing puppet, who after being slammed on forums for many months, finally noticed that he no longer can stand it and gave up. He still contributes to some forums, but gives nothing of substance at all."

He got banned at our main rival sister site Amiga.org for insulting too many people (he did so on nearly all the Amiga forums, thus he was banned from AmigaWorld as well). But from his perspective:


"> redrumloa wrote:
> You are so obsessed with Wayne's alleged anger, you cannot even see your
> own. I give up Kenny, enjoy your rage.

I don't deny it - even nearly two years later, every day I think of the injustice of that ban and the events that led up to it, my blood boils."

"He [Wayne] claims that I'm getting a lot of complaints. I ask him again to look at who's complaining. All's well until Neko, who had been idling there for no reason known to us, sees Wayne and what I get to see is the kind of thing you would see when 14 year old exchanging obscenities and deeply personal insults. Wayne leaves before I can silence Neko. "

Neko is or was the head of developer relations at Genesi (Kenny was part of the AmigaSucks or AmigaZeux team ). Also someone with a hot temper, just like many other people I consider having repetitive trolling tendencies.

It's interesting seeing trolls here quote Moobunny trolls and the other way around, but what's the use of all this really? It won't change the things which happened in the past. You feel Genesi screwed you? Move on. You feel AmigaOS4.x should have died? Ignore it. Your issues have nothing to do with VGChartz and the discussions taking place here.


I think the fact that you, yourself are a stealth troll is very relevant to VGChartz.  Also the knowledge that you created fake accounts in the past is something everyone should know about and consider when anyone actually supports some of your misinformation garbage.

In fact, I am now formally making my wall the petition for the permaban of MikeB.  All of you are welcome to Sign in favor of banning MikeB, as well as post any and all infractions he has done but not been punished for (stealth trolling, insults, rule violations, etc.).