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Why does this argument of 'games as art' keep coming up? The gaming medium has already eclipsed all other mediums in sales. WHy does it need to feel 'accepted' by some hidden snooty art critics now? Are they out to win some awards? All their awards were built internally by their own peers voting for other gaming based people to win gaming awards. Just like the Movie Industry did. Only with more credibility instead of voting for themselves to win an Oscar.

The simple fact is that all art is subjective and all art has, at one time, been considered 'taboo' or 'lesser' than something else. Including literature, movies and even paintings. There's no need for game producers to seek affirmation from the louvre for their work. They see plenty of that in their paycheck and the fans of their games. Leave that to all the guys sipping their Double Mocha Latte's while staring at Andy Warhol's 'Chambell's Soup Cans' and trying to find a hidden meaning behind it.

Also, if you ask my personal opinion, something is simply art when it is a conscientious work of media done with attention to detail that is meant to be appreciated by other people. This is why even newspaper articles and news recordings of tragic events have been considered 'art'. I don't see why a game couldn't be considered art as well.

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