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My 1st gaming system was the NES in which I think my brother got it back in 1993. In early to mid 1998, we sold it, but at Christmas that same year I got an N64. No regrets were made about selling the NES.

My earliest memory of playing videogames was playing Mario Kart 64 at a mall back when the game 1st came out. I played videogames every now & then, but it wasn't until 1999 when I started to play videogames a lot.

I LIKE REDMOON ONLINE. IT'S TEH MOST AWESOMEST MMORPG. RUNESCAPE HAS NOTHING ON IT. ;) My full Videogame collection (Well, not really that full): http://www.backloggery.com/marktheshark I'LL COOL YOUR ANGER WITH AN ICE SPIRIT BLAST!!!!111111!!!!!!111!!!!1!!! List of vg studios that've been shut down this generation: Digital Anvil Headfirst Productions Frog City Software (Subsiduary of Take-Two) Indie Built (Subsiduary of Take-Two) Wolfpack Studios Core Design (Subsiduary of Eidos) Rockstar Vienna/neo Software Produktions GmbH (Subsidiary of Rockstar Games) Clover Studios (Subsiduary of Capcom) Sidecar Studios Flagship (Subsiduary of Capcom) FASA Studio Nihon Telenet EA Chicago aka NufX (Subsiduary of EA) Kush Games (Subsiduary of Take-Two) Concrete Games (Subsiduary of THQ?) Iron Lore Entertainment Carbonated Games Stormfront Studios Pseudo Interactive PAM Development (Subsiduary of Take-Two) Venom Games (Subsiduary of Take-Two) Castaway Entertainment Flagship Studios Pivotal Games (Subsiduary of Eidos) Sierra Entertainment (Subsiduary of Activison) Helixe (Subsiduary of THQ) Mass Media (Subsiduary of THQ) Locomotive Games (Subsiduary of THQ) Paradigm Entertainment (Subsiduary of THQ) Sandblast Games (Subsiduary of THQ) Brash Entertainment Jaleco (Assets sold to Game Yarou) MS Aces Rockpool Games (Subsiduary of Eidos) Seta Corporation Humanature Studio (Subsiduary of Nexon) Ensemble Studios Straylight Studios 3D Realms GameLab Factor 5 America's Army Studio The Fizz Factor (Subsiduary of Amaze Entertainment) GRIN Software Bottlerocket Entertainment Shaba Studios (Subsiduary of Activision) Transmission Games Pandemic Studios Ninja Studio Fuzzyeyes Studio Near Death Studios Deep Silver Vienna (Subsidiary of Deep Silver) Incognito Entertainment (Subsiduary of SCEA) Matahari Studios (Subsiduary of Kuju?) Luxoflux (Subsiduary of Activison) Underground Development (Subsiduary of Activison) Red Octane (Subsiduary of Activison) Universomo (Subsiduary of THQ) Cing Zushi Games Javaground Silver Style Entertainment Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment Secret Level (Subsiduary of Sega) Ninja Studio Monte Cristo Cavia Flight-Plan Sparkplay Media Realtime Worlds Gaia Krome Studios Budcat Creations NetDevil Outerlight Propaganda Games (Subsiduary of Disney Interactive) MTV Games Bizarre Creations 7 Studios (Subsiduary of Activision) Pi Studios Cohort Studios Frozen North Productions Killaware Game Republic Titan Studios (Subsidiary of Epic Games China) Kaos Studios (Subsidiary of THQ?) THQ Digital Warrington (Subsidiary of THQ) Blue Tongue (Subsidiary of THQ) Black Rock Studio (Subsidiary of Disney Interactive) Blue Fang Team Bondi Darkworks Multiverse Monumental Games Bigbig Studios (Subsidiary of Sony) Hudson Soft (Subsidiary of Konami) Spellbound Entertainment Zipper Interactive (Subsidiary of Sony) 4mm Games 38 Studios Big Huge Games (Subsidiary of 38 Studios) Rockstar Vancouver/Barking Dog Studios (Subsidiary of Rockstar Games) Radical Entertainment (Subsidiary of Activision) SCE Studio Liverpool/Psygnosis (Subsidiary of SCE World wide Studios) Project Sora (Subsidiary of Nintendo) Black Hole Entertainment Paragon Studios (Subsidiary of NCsoft) Crave Entertainment Eurocom THQ Vigil Games (Subsidiary of THQ) Junction Point Studios Milestone Inc. Lucasarts Eden Games (Subsidiary of Atari) Silicon Knights Timegate Studios EA Phenomic (Subsidiary of EA) Blitz Games Neverland Ea Black Box (Subsidiary of EA) Terminal Reality Two Tribes B.V. Irrational Games Maxis (Subsidiary of EA)