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Lol doesn't mean it makes the 360 controller the best. I'm sure they could just as easily use a ps3 controller. Lol fly a real helicopter with sixaxis :D

Yes their thumbs would slip off the rounded thumbsticks of the sixaxis and their fingers would constantly be slipping off the flakey triggers that they got on it..


i must say that they would have slippy hands because that does not happen with me,and the majority of people


Yeah i suposse its possible to get used to it eventually...people would be able to get used to a rock tied to a stick if they had too :P



this is not true,people dont get used with that mediocre d-pad of the 360,

it is impossible to play fighting games with it

Hardly lol!!  You can make anything work to a point, granted you may be jumping when ya wanted to punch (or whatever you use the d-pad in those types of games) but no biggie, you'll end up just having to retry a few more times than usual to beat certain parts. Gives more of a challenge