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trestres said:

In an interview with Reggie at GDC09, Geoff Keighley, the host of GTTV asked Reggie about E3 at the end of the interview.

GK: "We will see you again, I guess at E3?"

Reggie: "You certainly will."

GK: "Will you bring the heat?"

Reggie: "Absolutely... And all of your fans will love it, we can guarantee that."


So I'm giving this man a chance, now I'm more positive about E3, the way he said it made it look very confident and alert of the current situation with the core Nintendo fans. I won't jump on the hype train, but I'm eagerly awaiting the show now. Let's hope that what happened to Nintendo since last E3 was just a low, that they have worked hard to leave behind and that the Nintendo we love comes back stronger than ever.

I've already bought tickets! :3