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I downloaded MM some days ago, and I have to say, I'm not so happy with the emulation quality. There's occasional sound stuttering (almost everytime you enter a new part of the town, but I've had hickups in the treasure fanfare, too). But what's worse, the framerate seems really low to me. Unfortunately I can't compare it to the original, since I lost my cartridge years ago... but I think it's not as fluid.

One technical question: The Wii is connected to my TV via Scart, so I can't use 480p output. But in the Wii settings, I can choose between 50Hz and 60Hz (afaik, newer TVs can display both modes). Does this setting make a difference, if the game is a PAL rom like MM? Would it run smoother if I connect the Wii via component cable (my TV doesn't have component input, though; just asking)?

And one question regarding the VC in general: Am I the only one who thinks VC feels laggy? I haven't played a lot of VC games, but now, with MM, the action definitely feels slow and somewhat delayed.

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