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radioioRobert said:

1. Don't limit how many games per genre, just list good games, if there 5, so be it. 18? Thaat's ok too.

2. Year of release is actually helpfull to some.

3. MC and GR are ok, but I'd link to VGC reviews.

4. I think games should be placed by similarity within the genre, not by score ar filed aphabetically. For example Kororpina would go next to Marble Saga (which needs to be added :)) My Fitness coach or EA Active next to Wii-Fit. Make sense?

1. Yeah, that sounds good. I was aiming for 10, but that will not suffice as we continue to get some great games. The sky is the limit.

2. Alrighty, I'll just put down the year the game released for all three markets.

3. Yeah, I do believe that MC and GR can and are useful in some ways. Are they the best/only way to recommend a game? Heck no, but they still have their uses.

4. That makes sense. Have Okami and TP close by while NMH and MW are similar as well. We'll see how that goes.


Yeah, this thread has little to no character right now. Just hard numbers and links. I really want this to be a thread unique to VGChartz in that its community has a say in what's in and why. User written blurbs is a great idea. I really want this to be a thread where all Wii fans have a say.

I'll be adding this to the OP so fans know what to do. If you have a game that you would like to recommend, I'd really like to know why you love the game so much. Write down a little blurb (be as concise as possible) telling others why the game should be recommended. I'd like as many members recommending as possible, so try to let others tell why they love a game. Same thing goes with games I already have, if you love it... write about it!

Also, I like your idea for similar titles (sequels and such) being grouped together. As many great games as there are... I would rather have someone not have their brain explode from so much information. I'll see what I can do about it.