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Soma said:
Wow, amazing work. I would prefer if you put games on the list that people recommend, instead of metacritic score (example Castlevania Judgment, Dewy's Adventure, DBZ Tenkaichi 3), but anyway, amazing work.

Oh yeah... this thread is more or less something that I've been working on on another site. Since there's just me over there with a community that more or less doesn't care, all I had to go by was MC & GR.

As you can see, GameRankings was my main method to place a title on the Recommendation Thread. However, I'd much rather have games that are recommended by those who really love their hobby: the good ol' VGC Wii Community.

I've got a couple of questions for you guys:

  • 10 games per "genre"? More? Less? Exceptions?
  • Is the Date needed since it's only for America releases? Should I put down all dates?
  • Are MC and GR needed? If not, should they still be there for refrence?
  • Should games be placed in alphabetical order or by score? Something else?

EDIT: Huzzah, we're now stickied! Thanks to Nordlead and Kitler for their support.