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Bodhesatva said:
shams said:
The most telling thing to me was that poll (in another thread on this board) that showed the % of games at the conference / platform. Wii & DS were the easy winners, and the Wii was up from 3% (last year) to around 15% (this year).

If the Wii (& DS) managed to dominate sales this year, imagine whats going to happen next year with 4x the software (if not more) launching for it.

Can you find a link to this for me Shams? I can't seem to find it :X

 He read a post of mine!  Yay!  it's in the Wii Bubble burst thread, look for my name.

Prepare for termination! It is the only logical thing to do, for I am only loyal to Megatron.