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Unfortunately volume matters a lot when it comes to popular conception. When a gamer in Japan opens a magazine in four weeks to check out the game show coverage they are going to see a couple articles on how Sony drug out the same old games they saw last year. They will read of the two perhaps three big Microsoft bomb shells. Then they will proceed to read a glorified Nintendo advertisement.

Thats all these shows are. Giant well organized communal marketing stunts. The more trees felled in your name the better. The more pages in the press you get the better. So in that sense if Nintendo had the most new games on the floor. Then chances are the popular conception is that Nintendo did better.

By the way anyone have any feelings about Circle of Doom. The game looks very nice. I see its going to launch before the end of the year in Japan, but have they released a North American date. I couldn't seem to find any information on this game.