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naznatips said:
No... this thread won't end well. However, considering Soriku posts 5 threads at least twice as likely to be flamed as this one daily it's not that bad lol.

There did seem to be a lot of Nintendo related stuff at TGS. I would say if a single game won the show it was probably MGS4 as far as actually impressing the media, but in overall quantity of new quality games and info on new games there did seem to be a lot of focus on Nintendo platforms. Surprisingly, almost all of that focus was positive.

It was certainly good news for Nintendo gamers to see all these 3rd party games so well received. I can't see Zack and Wiki being the game that converts all PS3 owners, but a lot of Wii owners are happy to know it was a lot of fun. I think every system owner probably found some positive news/information in this TGS about their system and it's games though. There weren't a whole lot of new announcements for any system, but some good info and impressions were given on games across all 3 systems.

well said naznatips.  There is certainly something for everyone and for all three consoles (Wii, PS3, 360).

I'm going to have a problem in deciding what games to buy, and I only own a Wii.  Some of the PS3 and 360 games certainly look very appealing, but without the time or resources to play what I want for the one console I own.....it's not likely that I'll be picking up another system.

If I picked up anything else it would be a PS2, and I'd grab some of the classics for that system and all at great prices.