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Xxain said:
darthdevidem01 said:
BengaBenga said:
Sorry darth, but I read everywhere that SO4 has the worst voice acting and cutscenes of forever. This scene alone makes me not buy the game. It's by far the worst scene I ever saw in a game. By far.

I understand what you mean completely!

Such voice acting & OMG they look like dolls....its looks really weird


I guess I should be happy with TOV coming then


Im always confused on why people think SO is FF, things that are issues in SO are intentional

I've never played a SO-game but I heard it's made intentionally because of the fanbase. Can't really call all of them issues if that's the case. Btw didn't some SE-representative state in start of developement that a PS3 version was possible but they didn't make it for PS3 to start with because it came out later than the 360?