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axumblade said:
NicholasCage said:
The IGN link is from 2003. -_-

How is it that this made it to the 3rd page without anybody noticing that? I think we all just assumed it was true because it seemed like something that could logically happen.Hilarious.


It is true (as far as I know).  In the original neogaf thread, they OP mentioned that it had been "a long time coming" and linked to that article to show jsut how damn long ago this had been predicted.

Everything else, however, is legite.  The guy is a long-time and rather well-known neogaf poster.  He mentioned the latest circulars he's seen, and that is all.

What's ironic, though, is that my boss has been convinced of a ps3 price cut for months now.  Three weeks ago, he comes in the store and goes "Did you hear?  They finally annoucnced a date for that ps3 price cut!"  "Oh yeah?"  "Yeah.  April 5th!"

I rolled my eyes at him, because I had heard nothing about this anywhere, and also because I knew that a ps3 price drop was highly unlikely.  And now I find out about this.  Well, he got the date right!