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segajon said:
I figured $130 was the final price, apparently not.


I dunno about that. I could have *sworn* the PS1 was $50 on It's last year and $100 shortly before.


Anyways It's no wonder why the PS2 is dropping. Sales are low and the list looks lackluster for new games this year.

4/7 Accent Core Plus

4/14 Guitar Hero: Metallica

4/21 DW: Gundam 2

5/12 Devil Summoner 2

10/29 Motorstorm Artic Edge aka PSP version on PS2.

Granted E3 is still around the corner, so maybe things will change.

Check out Gamestop.com for the list. I think if anything people should save their money for a PS3.

It's just that simple.