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danielhiru said:

damn it, was waiting for a price drop, but gave in about 2 months ago, oh well -.- ps2 was due for a drop, wonder what numbers for it are going to look like

It had a temoprary drop in February for the Americas last year, and easily outsold the PS3 and 360 because of it.


PS2 - 264k
PS3 - 269k
360 - 230k


PS2 - 352k
PS3 - 281k
360 - 255k

It won't do that this time of course, because last year it was still selling well with the HD twins.... this year it has fallen.... we could see a ~50-75% jump early on, but that still only brings it to about half the PS3 sales. (talking monthly here, as the first week of the drop could be bigger than 75% jump over th previous week.