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AmishGramish said: ranzchic said: Kwaad and everyone else arguing about the higher rated-ness of games available for a particular system are retarded, including the Wii defenders. All of you. Nobody cares. Fact: Wii has an attach rate of 5.4 games per system even with "mediocre games", not counting Wii Sports in NA and Europe. PS3, a Playstation branded system that sold 100M+ units with many "anticipated titles" and a higher rated early game library is only doing a 2.9. It's because those games are cheaper, the console is cheaper, and a lot of people like the new way to play, even with completely crappy games. I mean, two of my friends that are Nintendo fanboys, (They are even proud of it) think Excite Truck is one of the best games ever made. But when I play it, I get really, really freaking bored. Whenever I play the MotorStorm demo, I get really happy and excited. They are just obsessed with the new controls, but hopefully they will get tired of it. When you see that the Wii has 2.5 more games per system, and the PS3 is $250-$350 more expensive than the Wii, you have to see that the rate could actually be more like five to six more than the PS3. Also Wii Sports is added in, which should take about 1 off, but it depends on personal preference.
Uh what? Wii games are still $50 a pop and I happen to think its still too expensive. I only own two, Wii sports and Zelda for that very reason. I'm having a field day buying cheap PS2 and Gamecube games however(I just inherited a hand me down PS2 and I skipped that entire generation). I have no clue why you're equating $250 vs $500 and $50 vs $60 as if both price point wars are the same. Attach rates are also about ratios between total systems sold and total softwares sold, not actual raw numbers(i.e. Wii selling 10 systems and selling 100 games is the same as the PS3 only selling one console and selling 10 games. They will both have an attach rate of 10. It doesn't matter that the Wii is selling significantly more software and hardware). And nope, they don't count Wii Sports in NA and Europe. Only in Japan do they count it because it is sold separately there.