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BladeOfGod said:
izaaz101 said:
BladeOfGod said:
N64 + GameCube+ DS+Wii= around 250 million units sold

PS1+PS2+PSP+PS3= around 321 million sold.

So, Nintendo got its ass kicked since PlayStation was launched

Sorry, but only NES can barely compare with any PlayStation console.

And comparing COMPANY like NIntendo and brand like PlayStation? More than fair.

Tell me the name of 1 nintendo console who sold 100 million? NO, tell me name of the nintendo console who sold 90 million? NO, tell me nintendo console who sold 80 million? NO, tell me... ah screw this i can go like this for ever.

Even if nintendo win this generation ( probably will ) its still:

PlayStation 2: Nintendo 1.

So YES, PlayStation IS the strongest name in video games. The only thing Nntendo have is Mario. Wii sports probably wouldn't sell above 20 million if they weren't bundled in EU and USA

I wonder how many replays i am gonna get from nintendo fanboys now...

I noticed that you missed (or conveniently left out) the GBA, which sold about 80M, which makes your Nintendo number up to 330 million.


 LOL, i am counting only the consoles PlayStation was competing with.I didnt counted PSX and PocketStation because they were only realised in Japan. PS2 never competed with GBA, Sony didnt have handheld back then. I was counting 4 consoles vs. 4 consoles and PlayStation obviusoly win. Nobody plays SNES and NES anymore, , but i think there are still people out there who are playing N64 and PS1. PS1 was more popular than N63, PS2 was MUCH MORE popular than GameCube and Wii is more popular than PS3 for now.


I dont get it why people are comparing company and brand. Nintendo is not a brand, Nintendo is a video game company.

PlayStation have PS1, Ps2, PSP and PS3. That's only 4 machines and its still THE MOST POPULAR BRAND out there


Nintendo have NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy colour, N64, GBA, GameCube and wii. That's 8 machines. Twice as much as PlayStation. That's why is not fair to compare company like Nintendo and brand like Playstation. Its same like comparing Microsoft and Ipod.


The most pupular brand: PlayStation

The most popular video game company: Nintendo


don't feel like arguing with you, but you should really be consistent.  You forgot the DS just there.  

and did you ever think that the reason the PS3 is loosing this generation is because it forgot what IT IS.  Playstation is a video game company.  It TRIED to become more and that is why it is loosing.  Not everyone wants a Blu Ray Player, a shitty internet browser and whatever else was thrown in the system.  People buy video game systems to play games.  


Yes there are some people who buy PS3's or 360's for their Blu Ray or Netflix, because my dad did that specifically.  But tell me how that is gonna help Sony.  As you have shown or others before, Sony sells at a Loss their system.  So for those people like my dad and many others who buy PS3 for Blu ray player only it is screwing Sony over.  No accessories, no games.  And in our case, don't say buying blu rays cuase we just rent them. But i'm sure others do buy, I know that.