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mesoteto said:
Zones---"The only mascot Sony had was Crash Bandicoot, and guess what? It raped Mario" wait but i thought you said..but sad you....huh funny how that works
b/c you just said

"But have I have ever claimed that Crash was/is more popular than Mario? I don't think I did."

but before you said....man you need to keep your story straight


Because I actually wrote that "except for people that think rape = more popular" I deleted that part because I thought it was unnecessary since I thought people would read my posts more clearly.

I stated that Mario would be better known even at that time in one of my posts here, so I sure know what I am talking about.

I was talking about sales when I used the word 'rape', because I am sure if you compare all Crash Bandicoot games with the same number of Mario games at that time, Crash Bandicoot would win.

The 5 PSX Crash Bandicoot = 29.67 - According to VGC.

The Top 5 Mario of the same generation = 29.28 - According to VGC.

I hope you do realise that there were Mario games available on GameBoy at that time, and considering that Mario was around for +10 years, I don't think any sane person would say Crash Bandicoot was more popular, I know I didn't.