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This has been disscused plenty of times already.

The widely circulated conclusion is that the PS3 install base consists of a set of consumers with a very broad range of tastes. While the 360 install base is more focused, ie. there is a larger 'shooter crowd' in the 360 install base.

The 360 also has a much larger install base in NA, where gamers are more likely to make day-one purchases then their European counterparts.

As for internet hype, a few outspoken posters on a website do not correctly represent the views of the average consumer.

^this. I don't know how many times we have to reiterate the same thing again and again....


Generalizing the population of one subset of consumers to a related, but different other subset, without hard facts to support that generalization, is a fallacy of debate...a logic flaw that may support your argument, but honestly makes it no stronger.

IF the top 10 games for the 360 were 90% shooters and 20% shooters for the PS3, maybe you'd have an argument. A 60%-50% split is hardly definitive evidence though, particularly as Killzone 2 will probably be a top 10 PS3 game soon enough.

In fact, a larger install base, by definition lends itself to more diversity, while the smaller one would tend to be more homegeneous, good reasons why the PS2 had such a diverse install base (and the original XBOX had such a "shooter" centric one).


Nobody said x360 sells only shooters. We simply said the vast majority of HD shooter fans bought a 360 instead. Considering the reputations of the ps2 and xbox, this isn't surprising. Also, being a shooter fan doesn't mean one doesn't buy games from other genres. Frankly, even a ps3 fan like myself would probably buy my multiplat shooters on 360 if I had one.

For all we know the 8 mil+ lead the 360 has on the ps3 could be 90% shooter fans while the rest of it's userbase is diverse. For proof of the ps3 sales prowress, look no further than the RE5 sales on our homepage. Ps3 has a much higher attach ratio. It even has higher attach ratios than the ps2 so I'm simply tired of arguing against this same sentiment over and over...


RE5 is a shooter which pretty much makes your entire argument invalid.


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