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RedHarvest said:

How can that possibly be true? Top 10 selling 360 and PS3 games:


1 GTA4
2 COD4 - shooter
3 MGS4 -shooter
4 MS
5 R1 -shooter
6 AC
7 COD 5 - shooter
8 GT5
9 Uncharted - shooter
10 LBP


1 Halo 3 - shooter
2 COD 4 - shooter
3 GTA 4
4 GOW - shooter
5 COD 5 -shooter
6 GOW 2 -shooter
7 AC
8 Forza 2
9 GH3
10 LIJ

So, 5 shooters each? There's no argument there.


Having a gun in gameplay does not qualify a game as a shooter. In this case you should have made GTAIV a shooter but you did not because it is a sand-box game and the game isn't entirely based on just gunplay.

Uncharted is an action/adventure. Metal Gear Solid 4 is a Stealth/Espionage. This is just like how Splinter Cell isn't just a "shooter".

Yes MGS4 can be played like a shooter, but the core focus on gameplay is not, that is why there are trophies for killing no enemies and not tripping any alarms.

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