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DavidValbu said:

I wish devs would think that the Wii can do much better things than an on-rail shooter game. When I bought the console they didn't tell me that major efforts of 3rd parties were going to be games on-rails. I really hope UbiSoft makes a 'good' Red Steel 2 or that The Conduit achieves a mark high enough to make 3rd parties reconsider what they are doing.

What I want is that devs take the Wii as seriously as other consoles.


they are.

can you imagine if Dead Space or RE5 (or 6) was a third person game? what do you think the reactions would be?!?

for me, I would be pleased because I couldn't care less about HD or making every texture shiny.

but the "(online) gaming community" would be FLIPPING OUT.  it would be NON-STOP with the "why the FFFF isn't this on ps3/60?! look at those god-awful-eye-bleeding graphics!! look at those lighting effects, they aren't in real-time reflecting off the blood splatters onto the coffee cup in the background out of focus!!"


... frankly, I'm fine taking a break from that - getting AWESOME games that play to the [[Wii's strengths]]
 is also a nice bonus =P