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Crash_Man said:


"new invasion"? the Wii really can't win, right?

first they take crap for releasing "noncore" games, now they are scoffed at for announcing SHOOTERS??

and it ain't exactly shovelware, folks.

at my count there are FIVE legit franchises on Wii with on-rails shooters.

1. Resident Evil (awesome game(s?))

2. House of the Dead (awesome gameS)

3. Sin & Punishment 2 (not even out yet!!)

4. Dead Space (not even out yet!!)

5. Ghost Squad (s'alright I guess)

so.... looking over that list, I certainly don't think this is the epidemic people complain that it is, and I certainly don't think it's anything to complain ABOUT!! these are quality, core titles that make the most of the Wii and could not be replicated on the other consoles......

gamers just won't stop complaining.... it's disgusting to watch.

This post wins IMO


Support good third party games on wii. Buy games like house of the dead overkill, de blob, madworld, the conduit and boom blox.