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TruckOSaurus said:
Jski said:
Truck who your friend he is simply trash lol.

I know he's horrible, I don't remember when I added him but I just removed him because he's a coward and a runner.


Well its just he made an odd game and i find he spam smash a lot i guess it works in a 3+ game but in 1v1 it would not work at all. Still funnly you got traped under the forming briges hehe <3! any way i am going to do some ff11 things so may be lator on tonight i can play you agen. on a side note your red to me for your lag is there somthing diffrent it may be on my sind of things.

Smash ID: Jski - 0559-6620-9873

Add me if you wish but PM me if you do.