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Maynard_Tool said:
izaaz101 said:
Maynard_Tool said:
OF course i won't crash, i already have 100 hours of flight time, and it's just going up hill from here. I had a perfect exam people xD what r u talking about crashin'

Well, you know.......birds are crazy these days. They're real risk takers........they'll fly straight into your engine. I'm just wondering if you're equipped to handle such a disaster. I mean, you probably have a fire extinguisher and all that jazz........but do you have crackers? What if Polly wants crackers?!? What are you going to do man?!?

I can always get an extra box of crackers xD but nah, don't worry. I'm fully prepared for Emergency procedures!! I can land my plane w/o my engine. That's one important part of the test... they turn ur engine off and u need to go through a full procedure and establish a good emergency decent.... so, u people are going to be just fine with me

That seems like a pretty scary test............no engine! Oh well, I guess all that training beforehand gets put to good use. I still find it terrifying at this moment though, lol. I couldn't imgaine myself doing it, even if I went through all that training.