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roadkillers said:
kber81 said:
roadkillers said:
How many pre-orders did MH2 have before launch in Japan?

Around 500k.


Oh so FF1 has a long way to go if it sells as much first week. For MHP2 did people start pre-ordering a couple weeks in advance or a couple months in advance? Do you think FF1 will sell as much as MHP2 first week?

Im sorry for all the questions but I dont know much on how Japan is doing beside looking at these chartz each week.


In Japan, there is a shop shows useful information about preorders. According to this infomation, the preorder of FF1 is as same as Mario vs Donkey Kong 2. And comparing FF1 and MHP2, the rate is less than 5%...(probably about 1~2%)

Please ask me if you have some questions about Japanese market and Gaming!


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