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nightsurge said:
Wow, I love how my honest to goodness thread is a "troll." This is not about the 360 failure. This isn't even about a PS3 failure, so stop trying to make this into a console war topic.

This is simply asking to see if this is true or not. I know for sure that my 40GB model has the lag and slower loading times than other people have mentioned. And obviously at least many others do as well or there wouldn't be topics about it. I'm not saying these small lag/loading behaviors are taking anything away from the PS3 or the games, I simply want to see if there is a connection. I need your honest answers. You have to actually turn on your system and check to see if this does happen or not, and actually be honest if the load times do reach 6-8 seconds during checkpoints, or if there is a small delay between button press and fire/jump/melee. Blind fanboyism won't help me in this personal study.

Stop being a troll and trying to derail my perfectly honest and curious thread. If you can't be mature and understand this, don't post.


 Lol i think ur thread is fine... you just have to learn to inore ignorant remarks....