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radha said:
selnor said:
Slimebeast said:
Pop limit only 40? That's not good. Maybe the X360 can't handle more units.


 Is this a joke post????

LOL. If you have played it you would know that there is at points so many units on screen. It is a strategic move to make it a strategy RTS rather than the usual my armies bigger so I win.

Dont post unecessary post dude. :)


warcraft 3 is perfectly banlanced and it has a max unit count of 100, that is strategic, 40 remains me of battle realms and thats not good


WC3 is very well balanced, but I wouldn't say it was perfectly balanced.  Besides they have had years to patch this game for balance issues, and they still release patches to update the game because of balance issues.  They also have a max supply of 100, w/ some exceptions.  You would only be able to get a max unit count of 100 by building only peasents, peons, acolytes, or wisps.