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coonana said:

Also I’m not providing proof for something as general and obvious as the 360 demographic… Not only is it not that relevant to this argument but I don’t think you even disagree with me… What is wrong about my statement, it’s pretty obvious that the biggest force on the 360 is the casual core and the hardcore gamer. If you want to get into a diluted fanboy argument about that then let me know, otherwise drop it because I’m not putting in all that work for something insignificant to what we are talking about.



Because you don't have any. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and knowing the demographics of a consumer product like the X360 is an extraordinary claim. Tell me, coonana... in your deliberations about the X360 userbase, did you consider the age distribution? the education distribution? the ethnic bias? income level? Tell us, coonana.. what do you know about the X360 demographic. It should be easy for you, isn't it so general and obvious?

Final Fantasy XIII, announced as ps3 exclusive, no longer? Assassins Creed, announced as ps3 exclusive, no longer? The barrage of announcements for the ps3 in 2005 and 2006 that never happened? It's not "some people" who said the 360 and the Wii were the underdogs, it was the very people that decide what games become a reality and which games don't. Publishers, developers... people who's own decisions are tied to the future of the products they create - they bet on the ps3. 

Until, of course... 599 US Dollars.

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