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Dude, you're a PS3 fanboy, (avatars don't lie) ofcourse you can name more PS3 exclusives than Xbox 360 exclusives. I'm sure some Xbox 360 owning users can and will respond with a much bigger list of exclusive games. Here's a few to start, Halo, Viva Pinata, all the other Rare properties.

I'm a PS3 owner and I have zero interest in more than half of those games. Just thought that was interesting.

"Now, a fun game should always be easy to understand - you should be able to take one look at it and know what you have to do straight away. It should be so well constructed that you can tell at a glance what your goal is and, even if you don’t succeed, you’ll blame yourself rather than the game. Moreover, the people standing around watching the game have also got to be able to enjoy it." - Shiggy

A Koopa's Revenge II gameplay video