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Louie said:

Well we´ve got DS at 149 Dollars and PSP at 169 - this isn´t such a difference... in Europe you get PSP + game for 199 - this brings us to 149 Euros for the System itself; the same price the DS has.

But yeah if Sony priced the PSP at 149 DOllars at it´s launch we´d probably have different figures today.

However there is a point where a system can be priced as low as it wants - thats the point were the other system is in such a run it can´t be stopped anymore.

games that come in bundles are normally worth 20-30 dollars for handhelds. they never offer you the expensive games unless you buy it full price (at least most stores here in the US). and in europe, PSP games are 50?!?!?! that's total rip-off for both the $50 PSP game and your $149 DS system.

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