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What do you think is most important to add to the online interface? Usually for these type of things the little things are what matter most. Also so far I have never seen a Nintendo online game allow you to group up with friends then play with them against randomly matched players.

Some ideas I have include:


1. As I said, play with friends and ranked players at the same time.

2. That when you turn on the Conduit it starts to automatically connect to the online service.

3. That at anytime you can add any person you want as a friend (yes we all know we have to use FCs but there can be an FC thats covered by a screen name), when your playing or you check your list of last seen players or you simply type their FC or screename into a search.

4. A lobby system so grouping with friends and ranked players is easy and you can add filters.

5. That you can choose which mode you want  (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag).

6. Online leaderboards that connect to a specific website that further tracks your stats.

7. I know Nintendo foolishly denied it but i really want LAN.

8. Having a universal menu that holds your friend list(you can tag players as rivals), ignored list, list of last 100 people you have played, it will having a messaging system where you can send messages to anyone(via Wiimote or keyboard) or a voice message with wii speak, use Wii speak to set up channels, and for sending game invites.

9. In game clans supported by a website would be sweet.

10. Ranking system that gives you exp and you go up in rank. A number rank is also given and it can boost your rank but if you lose it only lowers the number rank.

11. No lag--duh.

12. Fast matchmaking whether its with a menu or a lobby or both.

13. I know its already been stopped by Nintendo but wii speak should be able to speak to everyone not just friends.

Eric Nosfinger Im looking at you man...