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JRPG said:
coonana said:
"The 360 has come a long way being the underdog at the very beginning of this console generation. No one thought microsoft would be doing this good back in 2005, but look at them now."

I was not aware the 360 was ever an underdog. MS has put so many resources into it and it was out way before the wii or ps3. Also third parties seem to like it best as well. 360 was never an underdog.

If you meant the original xbox then yes. MS has done a great job getting into a very hard market


The 360 was the underdog, because the original Xbox did not do very well. I think most people predicted it to be in third place at this point in time.



Kinda hard for it to be an underdog when it had no competitors for more than a year. Besides that I never people reaching a general consensus predicting it to be last. It started big and its tried to hold onto that. If anything people thought the other system would fail.