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1. No.

2. Don't give IGN any hits, I long for the day when they might finally fold and do us all a favor.

3. (@ OkeyDokey) Wrong; one does not need nostalgia in order to appreciate and enjoy the game. The difference is that between a game that uses its technological advances as a gimmick to hide what is overall an uninspired product, which then does not age well, and a game that, while opening up new areas technologically, does not use these as a gimmick but instead exhibits a near perfection of form within these new possibilities. In fact, anyone interesting in gaming should play this game, even all these years later, just to see many of the elements that currently form the language of 3D gaming in their purest form, when they were first conceived and not yet buried under successive layers of complication. It's analogous to the fact that anyone wishing to understand cinema should watch a few noteworthy early silent films. The good ones have aged well, even though they may require one to suspend some initial prejudices against the old format, while the bad ones were based on mere gimmick, and have aged terribly; it isn't difficult in most cases to discern the difference.