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megaman79 said:
Kos-mos said:
Nintendo knows how to treat the human-mind; Fun, accessable, exciting, thrilling, loveable, memorable, athmospheric. It`s not that hard.
If microsoft stopped thinking ONLY about money, they might get some respect from countries outside US. And stopped making games for age 12-16 only.

Nintendo will always stand out as the major entertainer in video-games.



But why can't other companies replicate this? Why can't japanese companies, that arguably employ the same graduates from the same backgrounds, give Sony this capability? Is it really experience and branding, 20 yrs of friendly entertainment must be very effective.

edit >Wiisports ads still running on tv, There is no Mario or Link being used.


Because money is the only thing that matters to them. But Nintendo thinks entertainment and money. Other japanese companys? SquareEnix, Capcom, Konami to mention the biggest. Sony dont make enough games by themself.