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outlawauron said:
Muhammad Ali must have alot of accounts on video game forums, cuz I always see people complain that Wii controls are not accurate enough. Which makes no sense if you can play with dual sticks how the hell can't you play with the remote?

Even Red Steel controlled better than any regular fps I played before it.

I hope Wii controls become standard so all the cry babies can move on to PC.

I'm sorry, but with the "vastly inferior analog sticks" at least when try to aim, there is no sudden error that causes your cursor to spaz out.

Red Steel controlled terribly, and if the motion controls were imprecise once (even though there were tons of times), then they become less accurate than sticks or Keyboard and mouse.

I guess I was lucky then. Red Steel never spazzed out one me. Everybody says it does for some reason.

Or maybe I was just awesome at the game?