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Grampy said:
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Grampy said:

It's a good card. Personally I would be tempted to spend an extra $10-20 dollars to get the 9800 because it does offer a few goodies like running the NVidia 3-D. Obviously you could also make a case for every card up to the 9800 GTx+ with 1TB RAM which is faster than a 9800 GT SLI.

It all depends on your budget and expectations. I do recommend that you spend a moment at Toms Hardware http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/gaming-graphics-charts-q3-2008/benchmarks,30.html

You will likely be able to select the game you are interested in and your monitor resolution and see exactly what frame rate to expect. The guide to the "Best" graphic card is also useful ib giving comparisons at different price points.

 I think you mean 1GB. lol

But he's right, the 9800GTX is a much better card, Higher bit memory controller, more shaders.

 All in all a much better card.

Sorry, (Duh!) of course I meant 1GB. I've been selecting a new computer and I guess I had TB on my mind. Thanks for catching that.



Thats ok, give it a few more years and we'll look back and laugh that 1TB was actually a mistake as opposed to a feature!

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