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Hus said:

you all have yet to figure out nextgenwars in MS run site

PS3 and Wii numbers are lower then vg yet 360 is higher .....

yeah, Hus, we know...everybody knows. It's been said many, many times, that nexgenwar's 360 numbers are higher than the other two, and we know that's because of their argument that all 10 million 360s were considered sold when Microsoft made that announcement a while back.

I don't like their system of adding sales at a specified time interval, but if they want to do that and then fix the numbers when announcements come, that's fine. Adding numbers over time does not make them any more accurate than adding numbers when announcements are made. Personally, I just don't like their numbers...they don't make sense to me and don't seem to have much backing.

EDIT: Well heck Origin, I joined nexgenwar's forums when they bashed our site...I just had to get my opinion out there...that's what forums are for.

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