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i had problems with the controls at first i kept playing with them to see which ones works best i finally picked type D the stafeing helps in the battles, now im use to the controls and i like them there better or equal to the last RE's.

I wasnt disappointed with it much b/c i know its a demo the real thing will have stronger AI

Things that can be done
1 being able to give ur partner some of ur ammo not all
2 co-op should of just been for online not in the single player
3 wen u hold the herb u should be able to heal urself
4 chis is to big he takes up alot of the screen did he take some kind of RE virus
5 while u'll running away from enemy's u should hear ur heart beat and the controller should vibrate to the sound of the heartbeat that would be intense
6 while in aim mode they should give us some freedom like move in any direction 1 or 2 steps


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